Thursday, 13 November 2014

Show don't Tell

I will begin by describing what the characters body felt like.
I will describe what they were thinking
I will leave the audience hanging

·                     Write in the third person
·                     Use capital letters and full stops.
His armpits were sweating. He was getting too hot like fire. He was cerling like a ball, His mouth was dry, He was pufing like he was having a shegar.
He was imagine what his mum was going to say…

Today I did show don't tell. Can anyone guess what my story's is about?

  • A smile appeared on her face. Her heart was pumping as fast as flash. She could hear the crashing waves. She felt the cold water it was like snow. She heard someone running towards her. They did their secret handshake. They both dived in the cold unknown. She was imagining having an ice cream….
  • Tears fell. He was a small boy. He was wearing a green and gray clack like it was grass. He had a stick in his hand. It was like metal and wood. He had long dark hair like the night. He was imagining if his teacher was all right...

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